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3d Signals is a pioneering company leveraging AI and machine learning to unlock the power of factory floor data, providing manufacturers with invaluable insights into their production processes. This intelligence enables clients to identify inefficiencies, increase productivity, discover bottlenecks, and reduce operating costs.

The Challenge: Breaking Through the Growth Plateau

Despite success with existing customers, the company faced stagnant new client acquisition. Their focus on established personas threatened to impede future revenue growth. To overcome this hurdle, we devised a targeted campaign to connect with their ideal customer profile at a pivotal industry conference in Hamburg.

The Solution: A Laser-Focused Acquisition Campaign

We conducted a meticulously planned acquisition campaign, leveraging lookalike audiences and interest-based targeting to identify and engage high-potential customers within the industrial manufacturing hub around Frankfurt. Through carefully crafted LinkedIn campaigns, we targeted decision-makers at ideal client companies who had not previously interacted with their online presence.

Our goal was to maximize qualified leads while staying within a target cost-per-acquisition that factored in customer lifetime value. Regular reporting provided insights into audience resonance, allowing us to refine targeting. We collaborated with their creative team to repurpose existing assets for optimal performance across new digital placements. This approach honed in on a precisely targeted audience with tailored messaging, generating a highly relevant lead pipeline.

The Results: Exceeding Expectations, Fueling Growth

The campaign exceeded customer acquisition targets, providing a pipeline of high-quality leads. This translated into a 55% increase in booked demos with the sales team, significantly boosting potential for future revenue growth.

Beyond lead generation, the campaign drove impressive website traction throughout the year, indicating heightened brand awareness and genuine user interest.

This combined effect – a surge in qualified leads and increased brand engagement – positioned the company for long-term success, propelling them to new heights in a highly competitive market.
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